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31 décembre 2020
Appel à candidatures

Financial Risks International Forum - Call for papers

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Le Financial Risks International Forum est un forum de recherche international pour les universitaires et les professionnels organisé par l'Institut Louis Bachelier.
Cette 14e édition aura un format spécial. Dans les circonstances exceptionnelles de la crise du Covid-19, la conférence se déroulera à cette occasion dans un format virtuel. Elle abordera deux thèmes distincts - Fintechs et Covid-19.Vous trouverez donc ci-dessous deux appels à communications distincts. 

Nous invitons les universitaires, les professionnels et les régulateurs à soumettre des documents de recherche pour cet événement, qui aura lieu à Paris les 25 et 26 mars 2021.

Digitalization is reshaping economic and financial activities. Start-ups and technology firms are disrupting conventional banks and insurance companies by introducing new forms of payment (mobile, peer-to-peer), money (crypto and digital currencies), lending (peer-to-peer, crowdfunding) and advice (digital and robo). Advances in computing have enabled the use of new datasets (such as online consumer transactions, social networks and satellite images) and forecasting techniques, with extensive use of machine/deep learning techniques. These technological changes can deliver significant benefits to financial services. Network platforms simplify interactions between business and customers, but they also modify the competitive landscape, give rise to new risks for borrowers, consumers and investors, and potentially challenge financial stability.

We welcome the submission of research papers on the following and other relevant topics:
- Peer-to-peer networks, blockchain, cryptoassets, smart contracts, ICOs, digital currencies
- Mobile payments, peer-to-peer payments, peer-to-peer loans, crowdfunding
- Digital advice, robo-investing
- Insurtech
- Big data analytics, alternative data, machine / deep learning, artificial intelligence in Finance and Insurance
- Competition, interactions of new players with conventional banks, industrial organisation
- Financial inclusion of low-income populations
- Price manipulation, financial stability, regulation.

Hundreds of papers on the analysis of pandemic risk and its effects on the economy or the finance and insurance sector have been published in 2020 in series such as COVIDECON or in special issues of economics, financial and statistical journals. What can we learn from this literature to improve the standard behavioural, predictive, and pricing models used in finance, default analysis or for the design of insurance contracts?

We welcome the submission of research papers on the following and other relevant topics:
- Contagion modelling: contagion network, stochastic contagion, contagion heterogeneity, SIFI or superspreaders
- Individual behaviour, trade-off between health and wealth in individual consumption-investment decisions, value of a cure
- Rare disasters: how to price them, long-run impacts versus disaster resilience
- Monitoring of sovereign debt: Will the debt increase have an impact on this episode of negative rates
- Reinsurance of pandemic risk, Cat Bonds and Insurance Linked Securities (ILS)
- New design of business interruption insurance contracts and health insurance contracts.


Complete papers in PDF format should be submitted electronically by 31 January 2021 using the submission form

The results of the selection procedure will be announced by mid-February 2021.


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